Leaderboards & Live Tracking

Leaderboards for each stage can be viewed below, including our GC leaderboard.  If your time has not updated correctly or is missing from the leaderboard, first head to Settings -> Ride History in FulGaz, select the ride, then re-upload the data. This should push your time across again. If you find that your time is still missing or incorrect, please contact support and submit a ticket here.

If you're riding as a team make sure each stage is completed only once, your most recent time will be the one that counts!

Remember there are no points for coming first, just bragging rights!

Make sure all 21 stages are complete by the closing times below;

:flag-au: AEST Monday 19 July 9pm
:flag-nz: NZST Monday 19 July 11pm
:flag-in: IST Monday 19 July 4.30pm
:gb: BST Monday 19 July 12pm
:flag-eu: CEST Monday 19 July 1pm
:flag-za: SAST Monday 19 July 1pm
:us: EDT Monday 19 July 7am
:us: PDT Monday 19 July 4am
:flag-as: SST Sunday 18 July 00:00

Rider Support

This is a challenging 21-stage event, so just like any multi-day event, preparation is key to getting the best experience possible. You'll want to be sure your equipment is working and your FulGaz setup is dialled in before the start.

A quick pre-event checklist

  • Ensure your are connected to the internet! FulGaz events require an internet connection.
  • Download the ride video completely before starting.
  • Test your set up! Make sure your trainer and connections are all working.
  • Only ride the routes from within the French Tour ride channel.

For more tips and tricks on enjoying on the French Tour as well as solutions to common trouble shooting problems, click here

The Tour Route

Riders will need to complete all 21 stages (in a relay as a team or solo) in three weeks to be classified as finishers. We anticipate each stage will take approximately 60-90mins to complete depending on your riding ability.

Prizes will be awarded along the way for all sorts of acheivements so make sure you follow FULGAZ on Facebook to keep up to date with all of the fun, or better yet join our FulGaz Riders Group Page here. Remember this isn't about crossing the line first, it's about enjoying yourself along the way.

Stage Description Location Ride Time Distance Elevation Gain Terrain
1 Monaco GP Circuit  Monaco


26.1km 340m Hilly, Moderate
2 Villard Notre-Dame France

1hr 6mins

7.34km 780m Mountain
3 Rolling to Roussillon (NEW) France


26.39km 409m Easy
4 North Cork Classic (NEW) Ireland


23.5km 341m Easy
5 Luz Ardiden France

1hr 10mins

13.48km 1030m Mountain
6 Geraardsbergen and Bosberg France


19.06km 264m Hilly, Moderate
7 Sightseeing Tullinger Germany


18.33km 375m Hilly, Moderate
8 Villages en Provence (NEW) France

1hr 39mins

45.69km 733m Hilly, Long
9 Col de la Croix Blanche France


8.39km 339m Mountain, Moderate
10 Artignosc Verdon France

1hr 8mins

25.07km 470m Rolling Hills, Moderate
11 Col de la Ramaz East (NEW) France


6.81km 469m Short Mountain
12 Col de la Ramaz West (NEW) France


9.72km 691m Short Mountain
13 UCI Worlds Road Race (NEW) Belgium


14.46km 152m Easy, Moderate
14 Climb to Oulles France


6.68km 601m Mountain
15 Mont Ventoux (NEW) France

1hr 33mins

25.55km 1157m Mountain, Tough
16 Roussillon Route De Cavaillo France

1hr 10mins

15.32km 172m Easy
17 Geraardsbergen to Leberg (NEW) Belgium


20.93km 297m Easy
18 Col de Joux Plan (NEW) France


9.91km 636m Mountain
19 Les Pourquiers (NEW) France

1hr 2mins


727m Rolling Hills, Moderate
20 Alpe D'Huez 2020 France

1hr 23mins

12.83km 1037m Mountain
21 Touring the Ardèche (NEW) France


29.32km 282m Easy

* All rides will be visible and available to download/ride in the French Tour 2021 ride channel from Saturday 5th June. Please enter the promo code received in your registration email and 'update your ride list' to reveal the ride channel.


Don't forget to share pics on Facebook and Instagram during the tour with the hashtag #fulgazfrenchtour21.

We will be awarding FulGaz Merch Packs (Jersey, Headband and Towel) to the most creative photos as well as those who raise the most funds for WBR.

Tip - Make sure your account is set to public so we can see them!