Join us for the 2022 FulGaz French Tour

Proudly supporting the Amy Gillett Foundation

2 July to 31 July, 2022

The 2022 FulGaz French Tour starts in

Join us for the 2022 FulGaz French Tour and help us make roads safer for cyclists

with the Amy Gillett Foundation

 The FulGaz French Tour is back with a fresh route planned for 2022 including new rides featured in this years Tour de France. Riders travel through some rolling and flat countryside in and around France, whilst also tackling some of most iconic climbs like Mont Ventoux, Luz Ardiden and Alpe D'Huez!  You can tackle the challenge solo or in a team of up to 4 riders, riding in 'relay'. 

This year Fulgaz is proudly supporting the leading Australian cycling safety Foundation, the Amy Gillett Foundation. 

Over 20 cyclists are hospitalised each day and a cyclist is killed every 9 days. This is preventable!. 

As with all of our FulGaz 'Grand Tours' it's not about who wins, but crossing the finish line, having fun and raising funds. If you push yourself out of your comfort zone, then consider that a bonus. This year you can look the part by purchasing your very own FulGaz French Tour merchandise with profits from proceeds going directly to AGF.

We have some awesome prizes up for grabs for our wonderful fundraisers. Raise $1,000 to receive a rebate for your entry fee and raise $2,500 to receive an exclusive Key Fundraiser Kit, including a jersey and bib knicks. 


SOLO - $45 each / TEAM MEMBER (up to 4 riders per team riding in relay) - $35 each 

100% of entries will go direct to the Amy Gillet Foundation

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Register as a team of 2, 3 or 4 riders or as a solo rider. Find out everything you need to know and join us on the ride.


Get Ready

You'll need to get your hands on some indoor cycling equipment to participate in this challenge, starting with your own bike and stationary trainer. For a full list on everything you need to conquer France (virtually, at least) head to our 'Equipment' page.



Help us raise much needed funds for the Amy Gillett Foundation to help them get one step closer to a safer roads for cyclists. 


  • Sally Noonan just donated $50
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Who we are

The Amy Gillett Foundation was established in 2005 following the death of Amy Gillett, who was killed by a driver on 18 July 2005 while she was cycling in Germany with the Australian women’s cycling team. Amy’s husband, Simon Gillett, together with Amy’s parents Mary and Denis and friends, concerned at the state of safety on Australian roads, started the foundation in January 2006.

The Amy Gillett Foundation has evolved to become the leading cycling safety organisation in Australia, driven by a core mission to reduce the death and injury of cyclists.

What we do

The Amy Gillett Foundation works with all levels of government, road authorities, corporate, motoring, cycling and community safety organisations and the public to create a safer cyclists environment in Australia.

The singular and unique purpose of our organisation makes a difference.

Many other organisations have cycling safety in their goals but this is our only goal.

We are fortunate to have strong involvement of road safety professionals such as researchers, academics, engineers and policy experts who provide their time to guide us, connecting sound science and research, so we propose better solutions. We use this information to recommend on public policy, legislation and resource allocation decisions and participate in public discussions, where there is the opportunity for improved road safety outcomes.

We have also led multiple initiatives directly to the public to improve safety, funded through donations, charity rides, corporate sponsorship and assistance.

Our Mission is for: Safe cycling in Australia

Our Vision: Zero cyclist fatalities